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The group of companies “Business.Optima” was founded in the year 2002 as the company, which deals with the flame retardant fabrics for public accommodations. Practically, at the same time we began to deal with the manufacture and the assembly of elevators.

Within 6 years “Business.Optima” has been representing the subject of the flame retardant contract textile at the Russian market. Within 5 first years our company has been representing the interests of the largest European manufacture of the flame retardant fabrics, having developed its sales at the Russian market and having raised them to the qualitatively higher level. In 2007, longing to meet the market demands and our customers` demands, the strategic decision to found the company “Treartex” was reached, the aim of which was to create and to promote the Library of flame retardant fabrics “Treartex”. This is the unique and the single collection of its kind, which consists of more than 8000 articles of the flame retardant fabrics. The collection of the fabric is being constantly enlarged with the new articles, in accordance with the latest design tendencies and the scientific discoveries.

In the year 2002 the company “Optimalift” was founded, which became the part of the group of companies “Business Optima”. The company “Optimalift” deals with the delivery and installation of the high quality elevator systems at the whole territory of Russia. The company’s specialization is the non-standard projects. The main activity is the profound task elaboration by highly qualified engineers, which allows to find the optimal solution for the fulfillment of any tasks.

According to the branch “Optima Energy”, the company “Business Optima” is the official representative of Iris power LP company (Canadian company, being acknowledged as the world leader), which deals with the promotion of the special diagnostic equipment, meant for condition control of insulation system of generators` stators and electric engines of high and medium voltage (4 kV and more) during the operation, without the equipment being stopped.

Since 2005, our representation - the company «Optima Contract» - has been working in the Ukraine. The company fulfills the full set of services from the delivery of flame retardant fabrics and the elaboration of the design projects, to the manufacture of the ready- made goods and their assembly at the object.

The group of companies “Business.Optima” is private. We are working close to the financial institutions, have the credit relations with all the suppliers, actually. The company’s enterprises have the positive reference at the international insurance company “Germes”.

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